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How does it work?

     OfJamaica TM is:

  • a brand of quality Internet contacts
  • a direct source of services
  • better than a search engine
  • an easy way to locate companies

     What we have done is setup generic pages for vertical markets, like hotels, banks and ISP's. These pages allow for the adding of links to email or web sites that are ONLY Jamaican, and ONLY in that market.

     For example, the links to the Observer, the Gleaner, the Herald, and any other newspaper that comes up online, or has an e-mail address would be easily found at http://newspapers.ofjamaica.com

     If you have a service or company that you would like marketed throughh the OfJamaica TM programme, then please contact us at sales-ofjamaica@j-zone.com. We assess each request individually and will discuss many approaches in the effort to provide quality service and content to our members.

     We would create either a direct link for your service, e.g. http://ncb.ofjamaica.com/ , create a new group for your market, e.g. http://banks.ofjamaica.com/ or both.



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